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My poems are published in The Healing Muse.

Nature writing sample: 

Behold the lowly land snail, published in the Finger Lakes Land Trust newsletter,  April 2016

I'm currently at work on non-fiction children's book manuscripts.

I also write science and nature poetry for children. Sample:

Into the Universe


Lying on my back in June

From the grass gazing to blue heavens


One body orbits another 

With precise motions and transits


That the spaces between the atoms

Are the same as those of planets

When I speculate and ponder

On what might be out yonder


Should we keep pulling out 

As far as the imagination can go


Would we realize that our galaxy is

 a mere speck on a giant’s big toe?

(c)2019 Marla Coppolino

More about my writing work coming soon.

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