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Meet the pencils

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Pencils are one of the greatest and most lasting inventions of all time. Graphite pencils with wood casing are made from renewable resources and compostable. Other than sharpening the point, there is little other maintenance required for this writing and drawing tool that is still indispensable even now in the digital era.

Why I started a blog about pencils:

Because I love pencils. Pencils (and their erasers) were my patient friends as I learned to hold them as a child and make scribbles that later became letters, words, poems, stories, and drawings. Pencils feel good in the hand. They contain essence of the soul of a tree, and make a soothing sound when their points make marks on paper. Pencils offer an extension of the mind, helping to take your thoughts and place them into tangible form on paper.

I buy pencils, and I also like to take in damaged wood pencils, treat them for any injuries, and give them a second chance. Tune in to future posts to learn about my pencil rescue efforts.

I never discard an old pencil. I use my pencils until sharpened down to stubs, then I display them. More in future posts.

Thank you for reading! May all your adventures with pencils be rendered smoothly.

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